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How to Become a Forum Member

Hello! This is the process for becoming a member of the forum.

1) Create your account. Do not put links in the profile section. Accounts linking to commercial sites or that are in any way selling  product are banned.

2) Check your email and confirm your account by emails

3) At this point your member status will be listed as 'Awaiting Verification', and you will have partial privileges. AL and I will be checking all new accounts and confirming users regularly. Once we confirm your account you will be listed a a 'Member' and you will have full member privileges to post links etc.

4) Now head on over to the Welcome thread and introduce yourself.

While it is not required that you post here regularly, we do hope you will participate. We know this can be a wild ride but we don't bite. Accounts with no activity, no effort to participate will eventually be removed. You don't need to be a member to read the forum. We want to build the community here.

See you in the threads.....

AL & Gravy

May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be free.
May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free.
May my enemies be happy. May my enemies be peaceful. May my enemies be free.


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